1. Objective

Nisei Bujutsu Federation of America (N.B.F.A.) offer’s international contract services in Self-defense Educational Programs. The training emphasizes personal self-defense protection and awareness, traditional etiquette's, character development, self-confidence and discipline for clients of all ages.  The services include and offer self-defense training to law enforcement agencies, business corporations (Corporate Fitness & Awareness Programs), social groups, youth organizations, victim service centers, private lessons to the general public, and business executives.  N.B.F.A. promotes and maintains high standards in Self-defense Awareness, Martial Arts and Nisei Bujutsu internationally. Additionally, worldwide "Social Survival Skill" training and urban city youth alternative education programs are established as deterrents against violence, drugs and gang affiliations.


2. Program Description and Segmentation

1. Nisei Bujutsu Program - This is a Traditional Japanese Ju-Jutsu system, inclusive of the following principles; HAKKORYU JUJUTSU, YOSHITSUNE JUTSU, DAITORYU AIKI-JUTSU, KOBUJUTSU, JUDO and NAHATE KARATE.  In addition to the aforementioned principles, Nisei Bujutsu programs are very structured including Martial Art history and basic Shiatsu (Japanese Finger Pressure Therapy). 

.   Social Survival Skills - The 3'S' Program is for females only (Ages 10 & Up), it provides some of the educational self-defense tools to survive in today's violent society.  The training is inclusive of PREVENTION/AWARENESS SKILLS (avoidance, personal relationships, commuting), SECURITY (personal, home, work, travel), THE LAW (the do's and don'ts according to the law) and SELF-DEFENSE TACTICS (defense against a variety of attacks).  The literature provides valuable safety information and emergency contact agencies.  The course focuses on building Self-confidence, Self-awareness and Self-preservation.

Street Smarts - This program is catered to children; boys and girls from the ages of 5 to 17.  The training provides the needed education to support deterrent actions, assist in personal safety and security.  The course address issues such as peer pressure, child abduction and geographic locations, drugs, violence, personal relationships, physical and mental abuse.  In addition to limited physical defense, safety and emergency contact information will be provided.

Taiho-Jutsu - The term refers to Law Enforcement defensive tactics.  The purpose of this training is to provide law enforcement agencies with very comprehensive apprehension and control techniques, over and beyond the basics of what has been taught at their respective police academies.  It is inclusive of pressure point applications, joint-locking techniques, takedowns, weapon defenses and incapacitating an accused perpetrator.  The additional training will complement and enhance previously attained knowledge. Recommended attendees: Federal Agents, Policemen, Correctional Officers, Body-Guards and Security Officers.

Customized Training - The customized training is catered to the needs of its clients.  The training may span from apprehension and control techniques to serious self-defense tactics.  Traditional and nontraditional applications are involved, with emphasis placed on the effectiveness within the environment.  The training allows the participant to maximize their skills, utilize available resources, minimize physical efforts and preserve energy.  

Private Lesson and Seminars - Available upon request, contact: NBFA, P. O. Box 440656, Jacksonville, Florida 32222 (904) 710-0743 & e-mails: sokehw@aol.com or esw05@aol.com for details.  Website:  www.niseibujutsu.com

 7. Nisei-Robics - Today's trends are focused on fitness and health. Occasionally, remaining current can be a difficult task. N.B.F.A. can accommodate the demand for an alternative martial art fitness program. Our internationally certified instructors provide NISEI-ROBICS   courses; a cardio-vascular workout designed to promote health and fitness.  Also, the training addresses the mental and physical attributes of all its clients.

Martial Art Competition - N.B.F.A. will continue to bring international martial art competition to the local area in support of its clients that are competitive athletes and want to take their self-defense training to another level. Emphasis on safety will be maintained and selective competitions will be suggested. Previous events have been co-sponsored by Tourist Development Councils (TDC), Film Commissions and supported by many local businesses in the areaNEW OLYMPIC/WORLD GAMES SPORT JU-JUTSU competition.

Seniors Self-Defense Awareness Program (SSAP) - The "SSAP" Program is for senior citizens, male and females (Ages   50 & Up).  It provides educational self-defense alternatives for survival in today's violent society.  The training is similar to the 3"S" program, but includes special skills for the use of physical restraints items such as a cane, walker, walking stick, etc.. The literature provides valuable safety, networking information and emergency hotline  agencies.  The course focuses on education, building self-confidence, self-awareness and self-preservation.

Martial Arts Academics - The course is titled; Martial Art Studies and Disciplines, it is designed for the purpose  of exposing students to traditional  martial art principles and disciplines.  Additionally,  to  assist  the students in applying the aforementioned purpose to everyday-life situations.  This course is currently being taught in the public and private school sector.  The study of martial arts is not so much a study of how to defend oneself, as it is study of how to live properly in ones environment.  The principles and philosophies include; self-discipline, self-respect, respect for others and self-confidence, which will enhance other academic achievements  and goals.

      11Health Zone/Kaizen ConceptsAn Empowerment Program that promotes self-improvement among children, women and

      families from all walks of life. Self-actualization and insight will come through means of Nutrition Awareness, self-defense and

      financial stabilization.